It will be one of the most intimate moments of your lives...


Long after the sleepless nights are but a distant memory, and the rattles & high chair are collecting dust...



why should you desire birth photography?

Wedding photography is very commonplace these days.  Most do not blink an eye at spending a couple thousand dollars, or even more, to have their marriage captured.  Yet, I would guess the majority of families will tell you that their wedding day was not the most pivotal moment of their lives.  Most will agree when I say that the births of my children are, unequivocally, the most important days I have ever experienced.  So why are we letting these fleeting, beautiful, and momentous hours go undocumented professionally?  Why do we settle for blurry mobile phone images of these life altering moments?!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I would have thought birth photography was strange and unnecessary.  But after my daughter was born, I quickly realized I had not understood the priceless value of those precious first moments.  Unfortunately, postpartum hormones work in mysterious ways (for good reason!) and all those details of her birth day have long faded from my mind. My biggest regret is not having a professional photographer for my first birth. Fortunately, I had a professional birth photographer for my second child's birth.  Those images are my most prized earthly possessions!

If someone forced me to choose between my wedding pictures and my birth pictures, I would keep my birth pictures. No contest.  









why should you hire a professional birth photographer?

The birth environment can be one of the most technically challenging environments to work in.  Quite often, laboring mamas prefer dimly lit birth spaces.  Additionally, flash can be a serious distraction to a laboring mom and can be jolting to a newborn baby.  I am confident in manipulating my professional equipment to capture these priceless moments beautifully, regardless of the birth environment.  In addition to challenging lighting, space constraints often become an issue.  I stop at nothing to get the perfect image, even if it means climbing chairs and scaling walls.  

As a fellow birth photography client myself, I worried about my appearance during birth and the high probability I would not look my best.  Therefore, I recognize this can be a reason why some are hesitant to book a birth photographer.  I am sensitive to those concerns and have the artistic eye to shoot at flattering angles for pregnant laboring mamas.  I make you look your best while still preserving the authenticity of your birth story!

I am a proud member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, and focus the majority of my work in birth photography.  I know inviting someone into one of the most intimate moments of your lives (and to photograph it, no less) is a big decision.  As a doula, I understand the huge importance of feeling comfortable with everyone in the room while you are in labor.  You need to feel comfortable with your birth photographer, just like you find a care provider that you connect with for your OB services.  I have photographed many births, each time gaining new experiences and knowledge under my belt.  I also set myself apart from other photographers with my doula knowledge, so you can be sure I understand the entire labor and birth process.  I do not miss any important moments even if I am forced to creatively work around the other professionals in your room during birth. I know where I need to be at exactly the right time! I prefer to operate as a "fly on the wall" when photographing labor & delivery, while simultaneously respecting your care provider's space to do their job.

I am there to quietly capture your birth story, however you choose it to unfold.


kind words

"I don't even have the words to describe the gratitude I have for these images and your talented eye!! Not only are you easy to work with, but your gift game us treasures we will cherish forever!" - Nikki C.

​"I am so thankful for the treasures you gave us to remember this special day. Beautiful treasures we didn't even know we were missing with our other kids. Thank you so much!!" - Rachel V.

"You are awesome! Your heart is in your work. So happy with the birth photos you've done for our family." - Christine P.

"Hands down the best money I have spent.  Your images are crisp and breathtaking.  I am so thankful we will forever have these pictures to remember this special day!" - Bobbi F.

"You have an eye for detail and a passion that shows in your work!  I highly recommend you to all of my friends!" - Jennifer R.

"I was looking at the pictures again last night, and they are such treasures!  So dear to me. While looking through all of them, it's amazing how many times I thought, wow, I don't remember that part!  So glad I have the pictures to look through, they are worth much more than 1000 words!  You truly are an amazing photographer!  Thank you so much!" - Nikki B.