It will be one of the most intimate moments of your lives...


Long after the sleepless nights are but a distant memory, and the rattles & high chair are collecting dust...



what is a birth doula?

A doula is professional trained in childbirth to give emotional and physical support to a mother during pregnancy, while in labor, and immediately after birth. My hope is to help you achieve a memorable birth experience.


why should you desire a birth doula?

When I think of an answer to this question, a million different reasons swirl around in my head.  I have posed this question to numerous families, and they all come up with a unique reason for hiring a doula. There is no wrong reason to desire a birth doula.  

Some hire a doula to help them achieve their birthing goals, such as a non-medicated birth, a vaginal birth after a cesarean, or a family centered cesarean.  Others choose to hire a doula for the non-stop emotional and/or physical encouragement during labor. Often, the mama's support partner finds comfort in the doula's childbirth knowledge throughout the process, so that is another reason a doula might be desired.  

Your birth will stick with you the rest of your life. So your story and experience matters. Don't ever let anyone try and tell you differently! Ultimately, if I had to sum up this question in two words, it would be this:  BIRTH MATTERS. 

Hiring a doula is a unique and unparalleled way to help you achieve the birth you desire.


what can you expect from me as birth doula?

Birth is very intimate and sacred, and I feel the most important aspect of finding a doula is making sure you are compatible and comfortable with your doula.  A complimentary in-person consult is how I prefer to have you determine if I will be the right fit.  

Once you decide you would like to employ my services, we can sit down and talk in greater detail about your desires for your birth.  You are hiring me to support you in your birth goals, whether they maybe be unmedicated, medicated, or surgical.  Together, we will come up with a plan to help you achieve the birth you desire.

My services typically include a prenatal visit, being on-call 24/7 for the four weeks surrounding your due date, and one postpartum visit.  I am also a guide and resource for your partner as well, since I believe in empowering the partner during the birth experience.  I am available throughout your pregnancy to chat over the phone or via email with any questions, concerns, or joys you may want to share.


did I have a birth doula?

My biggest regret is not hiring a doula, and that is what partially inspired me to become one. I was extremely well read and prepared for my son's birth, as birth has been a strong interest of mine for the past 5 years.  But when it came down to the big day, all of my preparation and coping strategies went out the window during the pain.  I am trained to be emotionally and physically supportive, read your body language, and be your "knowledge" when your brain is no longer thinking of anything but the current contraction.


kind words

 "For anyone checking out this page and thinking of hiring Hello World Birth Doula ... don't hesitate, she's amazing! My husband and I were so lucky to have her with us in August for the birth of our first child.  I'm a doctor, so I've had to memorize the technical details of labor and delivery as part of my training in medical school ... but nothing was quite like experiencing it myself. Having her by my side was like having a wonderfully wise friend to walk beside me through it all. She empowered me in all of my choices, and support what I wanted unconditionally. My husband loved her, too - this was his first birth, with pressure on him to "be on," and she was a guide and support for him as well. (And she went above and beyond the call of duty several times, including a run to Qdoba after the birth to get us the huge burritos we were craving!) Thank you for making the birth of our daughter everything we hoped it could be." - Dr. Melissa W.