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April 23, 2014  •  3 Comments

I get really excited when first time parents contact me to document their birth story.  The entire labor and delivery process can be full of unknowns, especially for first time parents.  I think this causes some first timers to hesitate or dismiss the idea of booking a birth photographer.  So, when parents-to-be Nikki and Joe met with me to talk about documenting the birth of their first child, my heart was bursting with joy for them.  I knew they wouldn't regret hiring me.  

The big day came and Nikki gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Norah. Joe was an incredible birth partner, and Nikki was surrounded by a fabulous birth team.  All of the birth stories I capture are unforgettable, but I have to say that Norah's birth is one of my favorites thus far.  There is something extraordinary about watching a couple transform into a mom and dad.

Nikki later told me, "Capturing the birth of our child was just as important as capturing the day we were married.  Now that we have experienced it, to be able to have that moment to hold on to forever means so much more than we could have imagined.  Our birth photos are a true treasure!"

Hiring a wedding photographer to document your marriage is pretty much a necessity these days.  I hope one day I can also say the same for birth photography.  Because I can almost guarantee that your birth pictures will end up being your most prized and precious images in your lifetime...and keepsakes for generations to come.  


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P.S.  Be sure to watch Norah's complete birth story here:


OMG look at those footprints! Adorable.
KaetheJo Binder(non-registered)
Absolutely Beautiful! I love how clean and crisp your images are and this birth is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful, Beautiful work!!!
Gorgeous! Wish I had known about you when I was pregnant! Keep up the good work!
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