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"A partnership to promote health in women and children through the promotion of breastfeeding as the cultural norm."  -- Heart of Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition mission statement.


I am a passionate breastfeeding advocate and am currently nursing a toddler myself. I strongly believe our society isn't exposed to breastfeeding enough. It still isn't the cultural norm even though we all hear "breast is best" far too often. There is much taboo surrounding the subjects of nursing in public, nursing past infancy, nursing while pregnant, and even nursing in general.  Breastfeeding is just NORMAL.

When the Heart of Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition approached me to do a shoot with nursing mamas, I was ecstatic. The coalition is heading up a project which certifies local childcare providers as breastfeeding friendly. These centers receive a framed 'nursing mama & baby' picture from this shoot upon completion of the certification. What a great way to expose our youngest generation to beautiful and normal images of how to feed a baby!  

A special thanks to the lovely models: nursing mamas and babies from Mommy Cafe of Ministry Health Care.



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Jessica B(non-registered)
What a fun shoot! Bravo to you & these mamas!
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