miss M "milk" session | wisconsin nursing photography

October 23, 2014  •  2 Comments

Well, I'm embarrassed at how behind I am on blogging.  This session took place back in May when a fellow photographer approached me for a nursing session.  The reason?  Sweet Miss Molly was exclusively breastfed for SIX MONTHS!  WHOOHOO!  And what better way to celebrate than to nurse in a gorgeous greenhouse?!  Congratulations Stacy & Molly!!

Molly's mama is the amazing photographer behind the camera at Stacy Literski Photography.  I was honored and humbled she chose me to document their wonderful milestone.


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What an amazing nursing session!!! The location, the adorable little girl, the gorgeous mama.... I adore breastfeeding images. I nursed my kids for a LONG time (4 years for #1 and still nursing my 3 year old) and am so grateful to have photos documenting that special time in our lives.
KaetheJo Binder(non-registered)
Love it!! So sweet!!! And EBF for 6 months is no easy feat! What a wonderful way to celebrate such an awesome milestone!!
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