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When Bobbi contacted me to document the birth of her third child, we hit it off immediately.  We have so much in common and many of the same parenting passions (babywearing, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering to name a few).  My heart was especially fond of her because she was trying for a VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans).  The strong mama stuck to her guns and fought for her chance to have a trial of labor instead of a scheduled cesarean.  But at 41.5 weeks pregnant and after contracting on and off for days, her body had different plans.  I was called and told to suit up for a cesarean section birthday!  Bobbi & Jason had a "family centered" cesarean section and baby Ezekiel was brought into the world in the most beautiful way.  Ezekiel was skin-to-skin on Bobbi for the remainder of the procedure and was able to breastfeed right there in the operating room.  Bobbi told me this later, "I truly feel like this birth was so healing for me.  I cannot tell you the joy that I felt to have him on my chest immediately." 

My first child was delivered surgically due to her breech presentation. Cesarean births can be traumatic and leave you feeling like you are a failure.  I spent many moments mourning and feeling empty after my surgical birth.  The desire to birth a baby in the way my body was designed would overwhelm me with grief at times.  The birth experience MATTERS.  Don't ever let anyone try to tell you differently!  I am grateful to have birthed both vaginally and surgically.  My personal birth stories will allow me to relate to my clients, no matter how their babies are brought into this world.  

In a way, watching Ezekiel's birth was healing for me too.  I was able to witness a surgical birth that didn't seem cold, sterile, or isolating of mom or baby.  His special birth started the family bonding process immediately in the operating room.  It has given me peace to know that this option is available to my future clients.  I hope Ezekiel's birth story inspires many more skin-to-skin & breastfeeding friendly cesareans in the Central Wisconsin area.  


Birth matters.  xo.

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It is really wonderful when mum can hold her baby skin to skin after cesarean birth. When my baby was born less than year ago (in Polish hospital) by cesarean birth,I haven't seen my baby for 24 hours. And I couldn't breastfeed also for 24 hours... When I look back to my child's birth I still feel that something was stolen and I strongly feel it wasn't fair, because my baby should be with me - however was born. Just like yours :) Congratulations!
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