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Little did I know when I pulled up to the house near midnight, wee baby Gideon was already making his entrance into the world.  Baby's biggest sister greeted me at the door, and we swiftly but quietly made our way upstairs as not to disturb sleeping siblings and cousins.  I entered the master bedroom and quickly realized the baby was coming...NOW.  It seemed like only a blink of an eye, and Gideon was born into the loving hands of his mother and father.  If I had arrived even 3 minutes later, it would have been 3 minutes too late!  

Documenting a home birth was a dream come true.  I have been enthralled by birth for quite a few years now, and the concept of a home birth was familiar to me.  I have a few friends who have given birth at home.  However, their testimonies did not prepare me for the beautiful intimacy I witnessed the evening of Gideon's arrival.  There were no wires, beeping monitors, or bright lights.  Sweet baby G was peacefully brought into this world under his own roof, surrounded by his devoted family and caring midwives.  I cannot imagine a better grand entrance than that.


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My train of thoughts:

"Oh, some random birth in Wisconsin. What a horrible idea. It's too cold up there. A picture of the house? Whatever. Why is she wearing a shirt, wouldn't that be uncomfortable? Oh, there's lots of people, and even a cam corder. That makes sense why she'd stay covered up. I can't imagine how she'd relax enough to give birth with all those people... Oh, that's awesome that a little girl got to see the birth. She's a cute girl. She actually looks really familiar. Wait a minute... That's my niece Lily! Why is she recording this birth?! ::looks back at the other photos to see the husband:: That's my brother in law ZACH! :looks at birthing woman again for the tenth time:: HOLY CRAP THAT'S MY SISTER!!!"
This is just beautiful Kristin! I love all of the sweet sibling shots <3 Fantastic job and congrats to this family on their newest additon!
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